Control Your Appetite

Harness your brain chemistry for weight loss. Get control of your appetite. Have you ever wondered how your body controls your weight? How your body knows when to eat and when to stop eating? What happens inside the body to tell you that you are hungry or full? The answer to each of these questions…

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Benefits of Reformer Pilates

The Pilates exercise method has a vast amount of repertoire and it’s not only performed on a mat. There are several pieces of equipment used in Pilates, including the Reformer. Clients can do Reformer group classes or one to one sessions. The Reformer is a great way to target muscles with accuracy and really make…

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Life Balance Reformer Pilates Dublin, Blackrock

Pilates – The Way to True Health

What can Pilates do for you? We’re a nation that likes to work hard and play hard. We also like to exercise hard, especially if we’re good at it, but sometimes we can train too hard. The flip side to that is thinking you can’t train or exercise at all. Maybe you’re afraid of injury…

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