I am a Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher and Shiatsu practitioner from Berlin, living in Dublin.

My inspiration is to bring both, Scaravelli yoga and Zen Shiatsu into the life of many more people, as they are two of the best tools for restoring and maintaning health that I’ve discovered so far.

In May 2000 I moved from Berlin to West Cork, the Beara peninsula, to me the most beautiful part of Ireland. The Atlantic and the ragged scenery attracted me the most, but of course it turned out that the very divers population also adds to the charme of the area.

I worked as a social care worker for Co-Action West Cork in various positions and loved my walks by the sea and across the mountains. Beara was my home for 8 years.

I met a local yoga teacher, Margaret Hardman, a unique and very inspiring lady in her then early sixties. Since my early twenties I had been practizing Iyengar yoga, but Margaret brings the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli to the yoga mat. This way of working with asanas. grounding and un-doing, transformed my practice and changed my relationship with my body fundamentally. I began to really love my body and the soul that lives in it. A profoundly empowering change…

I continue working with Margaret Hardman and Scaravelli’s longest student Diane Long, as well as Sophy Hoare and other UK based teachers.
In 2011 I graduated from a 2 year Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher training with Bill Wood in Bristol and teach in Dublin and Dalkey.
Shiatsu is my other passion.

I came across Shiatsu in Berlin when I was looking for a hands on body work practice that would give me another tool to work with people, other than using just speech. Shiatsu communicates through touch and supports people in regaining and maintaining balance and well- being.
I studied Shiatsu in Berlin and completed my 3 year practitioner training in Dublin in 2005, as a graduate of the Irish School of Shiatsu. Since then I have participated in post grad trainings with Cliff Andrews and other accomplished teachers.

On Beara I studied and practiced Buddhist philosophy. To me Loving Kindness Meditation and Mindfulness practice are the most important tools for training the mind and enjoying life, whatever the present moment may offer…

I also facilitate retreats on bodywork, yoga and conscious cooking together with Joanne Faulkner. They provide useful and delicious tools to enjoy life more in an inspired healthy way and are deeply relaxing.