Pilates for Teens

Specific sessions both small groups and one to one tuition. Aimed at helping teens achieve their potential in sport and increasing their ability to perform. Combining the principles of Pilates, strength and conditioning, fitness and functional biomechanics to guarantee results in teens. These sessions also focus on posture and educate teenagers about anatomy (muscles and bones of the body).

  • Teaching young exercise enthusiasts correct training technique
  • Educating teens as to the contributing factors and hazards of improper training, programs and intensities
  • Correcting posture by programming appropriately
    To enhance sports performance
  • To improve and bring awareness to biomechanics, co-ordination and skills and better equip teens to succeed in sport
  • Pilates principles apply to gym workouts ‘Gym Pilates’

Kids Pilates

  • These fun filled routines focus on gentle stretching and strengthening and are a great way to set your kids up for a lifetime of health and well-being.
  • Challenge mobility, agility and flexibility
  • Address balance and coordination
  • Establish healthy habits early
  • Make the mind body connection
  • Have fun